By August 2012 all of the stories had been written after over 2 years of hard work. In September, the first 40 pages have been sent to the graphic designers for them to do their bit. Also, it was agreed that Mark would stand down as a writer as this would enable the book to be totally the memories of the older members of the writing group. Mark would hereafter be known as a Co-Editor, Collator and Blogger, as these were the roles he had already been carrying out.

In September it was agreed that the book will be black and white throughout, including photography, in keeping with the targetted period.

Oct – It was agreed that the Photography Group and the Creative Writers Group should both attend the writers meetings to encourage cohesion. This would help ensure that they are both thinking along the same lines.

By the end of October the news we hoped never to receive, arrived. Our grant  had been turned down. This means a major cutback review of the methods we have available to us in the book’s production. We may well have to use the fallback tactic of publishing the book via a system like Lulu on the internet. Time will tell. This also means that we will need to generate a demand for the book as soon as possible.

5th Nov – Jan has selected the next batch of stories for the photographers to work on, and they have been sent to Sarah. It was agreed that as a guide, the book should be around 200 pages, and should not exceed 240 pages, including photographs. At a first meeting with our design team, the shape and dimensions of the finished produce were agreed, to enable the designers to do their thing.

10th January 2013 – All of the stories have now been selected, proofed, categoried, and forwarded to the design team. We are also nearing the end of the eternal matching of stories and suitable photographs. By now most of the writers are taking a background role in ensuring that their visualisations for the book are not compromised in it’s production stages, and the correct photographs are selected for their stories. Mark has now started to spend more time concentrating on this blog.



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