A background to the photographers involved and their photographs appear here.

Barry Gendler, a contributing photographer and writer.

Barry Gendler spent most of his life as a London Cabbie. As a result of this, his stories of and from the East End are extensive. Barry was also a member of the Creative Writing Group until taking up photography, so he now contributes in both ways to this book.

Sarah, tutor of the Sundial Digital Photography Group

Sarah Ainslie is a professional Photographic Artist, and Tutor to the Sundial Digital Photography Group. In this role Sarah has taken on the role of Photographic Editor for the book.

Don, one of the contributing photographers

Don is a keen member of the Sundial Digital Photography Group, and as such is a contributing photographer to this book.

Vince, One of the contributing photographers

Vince is one of the earlier volunteer helpers at the Sundail Centre, serving on most committees in the centre. It is his role as member of the Sundial Digital Photography Group which has made him a contributing photographer on this book.

Anne Hamblin, writer and photographer.

Anne Hamblin belongs to both the Creative Writing Group and the Digital Photography group, and so had earned the right to be on both lists as both of these roles are contributing to the book.


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