An idea blooms!

An idea blooms!

Most books will have a moment when the writer all of a sudden decides he or she is going to write a book, and then sits down wondering what they will write about. This is a problem we never had. The reason we decided to write a book was when we realised that the many life stories that were being written weekly in our Creative Writing Group could and should be recorded for posterity. At the early stage, when we first decided to write a book, we had four writers, the youngest of those being myself then aged 56, a good twenty years younger than our other three writers. We were co-ordinated by our tutor, the youngest of us all. I suppose looking back it was when the funding for our tutor was removed that we all agreed to do something to raise money for the centre, to ensure that classes could continue with paid tutors where necessary. Throughout the compilation of this book, our tutor remained with us as a voluntary helper, and has taken on the burden of being the books’ Editor.



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